Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A little work on the boat...

While waiting under this state of emergency there have been moments when there has been little to do except work on the boat. Thank God for a project! I find this kind of work good for my otherwise worried soul.

Here I spend a little time at the band saw, as I shape the rudder assembly (one of the chunks of 1/2" plywood I cut a few days ago). Notice that the rudder has two parts... one that will be affixed to the transom (the back of the boat) and tiller (the arm that allows the skipper to control the heading of the boat...
and the other that will be hung from the first with a single bolt and nut. This longer, more rounded piece will the the piece that will actually do the work.
This two-piece configuration will allow what is called a "kick-up" rudder... which will pivot up if we ever run it across shallow water.

I also had a little time to fabricate the first of four frames which will create the "ribs" of the boat. The two 16 foot sides of the boat will be bent around these frames to form the shape of the hull. Here I adjust my table saw angle guide to exactly 15 degrees...That way, I can make the precise cuts needed...And together with some 1/4" plywood cut for gussets... Can make the largest of the four frames. I dry fit the pieces now... and will secure them permenantly with 3/4" screws and epoxy when the epoxy arrives from NJ. This first frame is 42" across the bottom, and 54" across the top... and will create the widest part of our boat.


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