Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Noah had more warning!

God told Noah to build his boat with plenty of time to spare before the flood hit! Either God waited too long to tell me, or I just wasn't listening in time! The lives of everyone in our area have been on hold these past 24 hours as a nine county area has been under a state of energency due to copious amounts of rainfall, and historic flooding. Dozens of bridges have been washed away, thousands have been evacuated from their homes, some have even lost their lives. It is alarming to see the power of water... and to sit with people as they wait to find out when they can get back into their homes, and wonder what they will find when they finally get there! Here are a couple of pictures I took midday today as the waters were still rising in downtown Binghamton...
A pegestrian bridge about to be covered by the raging Susquehanna.

The parking lot behind Lourdes Hospital, about one hour before they decided to evacuate all their patients to other area Hospitals. The water was not only covering their parking lots but was 3-4 deep in the lower level of the building at this point.One of our neighbor's homes near the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers with water flowing through it. Not sure how long any home can withstand such force. Please pray for all the families in our area who are staggered by these floods... including our new friends, the two single moms and their three daughters (age 4 thru 14) who are spending the night with us tonight. They fully expect to find all of their belongings destroyed whenever they can return to their apartment. They both live within a block of the confluence of these two rivers... an area entirely under water tonight.


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