Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our project begins!

Life often forces us into times of major transition. What I have discovered is that there are at least two ways of experiencing these transitions: We can be overwhelmed with the stress that comes with these changes... or we can delve in full bore, and use the requisite energy to explore a new world that seems ripe with potential. It feels like a time that might produce some creativity!

My soon-to-be nephew and I are BOTH in a time of major transition right now. My wife and I have just relocated as I begin a new job in Binghamton, NY. Dan, the fiance of my niece, Heather, is about to relocate to Manhattan, NYC to begin Opthamology School. Neither of us really have the time to start a previously unexplored project... like building a boat... a yet, somehow, it seems like the perfect thing to do right now.

So, we have ordered plans for a 16', car-toppable, sail/row boat. The plans are now in hand, and we are going out this week to purchase the materials.

This blog will document our progress. Feel free to write comments, suggestions, or just offer encouragement (or to laugh out loud at us as we pick our way along!).

Until next time... Dave


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